Psoriasis Quiz


Try answering these questions to see how well you know psoriasis!

  1. The colour of psoriasis patches is ____________________
  1. _______________ are doctors that specialize in examining and treating the skin.
  1. Psoriasis occurs due to:
    1. An allergic reaction
    2. Catching it from someone else
    3. Poor hygiene
    4. The skin shedding faster than normal
  1. Out of 100 people, how many people will develop psoriasis? Answer: _______________
  1. _______________ is the name of the joint problem that occurs commonly in people with psoriasis.
  1. True or False: You can cure psoriasis 100% with good medication.
  1. What type of medications help for most patients with psoriasis?
    1. Creams/lotions/ and/or ointments
    2. Light therapy
    3. Pill or injection
  1. Foods such as _________________ should be eaten to help reduce the likelihood of having a flare up of psoriasis.







1) red; 2) Dermatologists; 3) D; 4) 3; 5) Arthritis; 6) False; 7) A; 8) Fruits & vegetables