Patient Support Preferences


Patient Support Programs (PSPs) are pharmaceutical manufacturer-funded initiatives designed to help patients who have been prescribed a particular medication or treatment. The overarching goal of a PSP is to assist patients in navigating the complexities of their disease journey, including but not limited to available insurance coverage of what are often very expensive treatments. The programs exist for biologics for various dermatological diseases including psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, chronic idiopathic urticaria, and atopic dermatitis, as well as other health conditions. Such diseases can have a devastating impact on quality of life. 

In 2019, the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance conducted an online survey of patients residing in Canada and who formerly or currently take biologics, to better understand their needs and preferences for services and information from PSPs. Given the strong association between patient satisfaction and treatment adherence, it is important to determine whether there are specific offerings that a PSP can provide that would improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients. 

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